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About Anxionautas

Anxionautas is a psychedelic rock band based in Barcelona, the union of three music voyagers. Pablo Rojas P, Juan Pablo Egúsquiza and Optional Ganesh used to collaborate together in different projects before deciding to produce an album for themselves and make a band out of it.

In September 2016 they started the recordings of what would become HEDONISTIC FEDERATION at Reptilian Studios, Barcelona. Getting some help from local musician/friends, they managed to finish recording and mixing in the next 4 months. Finally it was mastered by Graeme Durham at the Exchange Studios, London and it was packaged by Chimpanmuk. HEDONISTIC FEDERATION will be Released on February 28th.

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We are proud to present our new album
HEDONISTIC FEDERATION is the first album recorded and produced by Anxionautas

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Our hedonistic experiment

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Our Special Thanks!

HEDONISTIC FEDERATION wouldn't be possible without the help of our friends from the Barcelona music scene, great company when it comes to jam or sharing a vermut in la Tasca del Corral. We would like to thank also the kind people of Kif and it's nearby plaza, the guials around the area, and the people at Studio P52 for their patience when we were louder than the train. Jankely, Lucas, Alejo, Alberto, Philippe, Axel, Carlos and each and everyone who believed in this project, thank you.